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Latest reviews;


"A fabulous evening!! - A Secret Surprise!! - I was brought along by my friend Jo - Kings Heath - will be seeing you again with my sone who will LOVE it!! Fab food, Fab company and a WONDERFUL evening. Thank you to the whole team."


"What a fabulous evening: Good food, good company. We will be back!!"


GREAT NIGHT!! We filled up on the bread - definitely not an error we will be repeating when we come again (which we will be!) Thanks."


"Sumptuous Sumptuous Squisito! Fantastc food and great venue. Would definitely recommend."


"I was trying to think, if I had to choose which was my favourite part of the meal, what would it be.....?  And although I would normally choose savoury, it’s just got be your Gin & Tonic Sorbet, followed very, very closely by your Pappardelle Pasta in that gorgeous Black Truffle Butter etc.  By the way this isn’t saying anything at all against anything else on the menu, it was just an exercise I felt I should address!


Stunning, absolutely stunning.  Thank you."


"Simply wonderful Gin & Tonic Sorbet. Great evening. About to launch into Gin No.3"


"This is a short note to thank you for a hugely enjoyable evening on Tuesday at the Jekyll & Hyde in Birmingham.  Ewan and I enjoyed ourselves immensely and how could we not?  Fabulous food, wonderful ingredients, a great venue and convivial company, all combined to create a very relaxed and pleasant atmosphere."


":-)) SQUISITO! Amazing night, awesome homemade food, great company! Perfect setting at The Jekyll & Hyde! Please keep us posted with your nect adventures! Wel done!"


"Lovely evening - thankyou! Gin sorbet was a triumph. Lovely chicken :-)"


"Fabulous food once again! Love the quirky surroundings of The Jekyll & Hyde. Thanks Sara & Alex and the team."


"Wonderful food, wonderful hosts, fantastoc evening. Thank you."


"Thank you for a lovely evening - excellent food & excellent company."


"Thank you - a fantastoc experience, great dishes - so may courses. Memorable!"


"Wow! Wow! Wow! A big thankyou. We will be back very soon."


"Fabulous as always! Good food, good company, who could ask for more?"


"Meat: good, Cheese:good, Dessert: GOOD. Great evening experiencing not only fantastic food, but also having an expert on hand to explain more. Atmosphere was friendly and welcoming - couldn't have asked for more. Thanks!"


"Fabulous food & company, a great teacher husband. Loved details. Great night."


"Oh, please please don't get any bigger!!! Lovely night - it IS what people want!!! I have been to lots of restaurants - this is what you have to try!!!!! Go for it . . . "


"What can we say . . . . .! absolutely lovely evening and lively company, lovely food - excellent. Keep it coming - we'll certainly come again!!"


"Our first expeerience of a supper club - a lovely relaxed atmosphere with amazing food. Thought I ndidn'y ;ile salami until I tried Alex's, and Sara's pudding was lovely. A special birthday treat!" Andrea


"Had a lovely evening with beautiful food - would definitely come again!"


"Andrea's birthday - WOW"


"Now that was something different - absolutely delicious and opened my mind to a new world of cooking."


"What an evening celebrating Andrea's birthday - wonderful variety of tasty food."


"Fantastic food - amazing conversations & hospitality & a fabulous evening."


"Wonderful food & good company"


"Fantastic evening. Great food, flavours were delicious. Great company also!"


"A fantastic experience. As folk say, good company, great food makes a fantastic experience!"


"Thank you for such a fabulous night - food, company, drinks, entertainment. You guys rock!"


"As a virgin to Supper Clubs it has enriched my life so looking forward to the next."


"Thank you so much for such a fabulous night - food, company, drinks, entertainment! You guys rock!!"


"A fantastic experience. As folk say, good company and great food makes a fantastic experience"


"OMG, the pappardelle was sublime . . ."


"We are very happy to have found you on our (almost) doorstep. Thank you for a delicious dinner and equally delicious company. See you at markets sometime."


"We had an enjoyable and filling meal in great company. Your food was really tasty, thank you."


"The most delicious biscuits I have ever tasted"


"Excellent food, excellent and stimulating company, with very attentive and charming hosts.


It couldn't have been better.  It was a birthday treat for Debra and one I'm sure she had more out of in being with Caroline.  They are both foodies and close friends.


Thank you both for providing such a wonderful evening"


“As usual the food and company was wonderful. Truly the best food we have tasted.”


“Bless you for our food experience, just wonderful, thank you.”


“Excellent food in a lovely relaxed setting. Great hosts too!”


“Our second visit to the secret supper club, yum, yum, yum!”


“Good food, good company. What more can you ask for? An evening I’ll remember for a long time”


"Excellent food in a lovely relaxed setting! Great job. Thank you."


"Great Evening!"


"Good food, good company. What more can you ask for? An evening I will remember for a long time."


"Lovely food and company. Thank you for a great evening :-)"


"Wonderful evening. Thank you for donating such a wonderful proze for Breast Cancer. You are very generous. We had a great time."


"Yummy Yummy Yummy! In my tummy! What fabulous food and company. As Arnie famously said, 'I'll be back!' "


"The first rule of Supper Club . . . great food - hopefully we'll be back"


"Delicious food, good company. I shall be back."


"If only more 'restaurants' were like this, a learning, fun experience. I will try using the recipes and ideas."


"OMG Firey pesto, partridge and pancetta, unheard of cheeses and panettone semifreddo - A really wonderful meal!"


"Thanks for sharing your knowledge of all things Italian. Many thanks."


"What a great night - very different night out. Beautiful food, great company."


"Delightful, delicious and most definitely 'SQUISITO'! We had a wonderful evening - so thank you."


"Thank you both for a lovely evening and meal and sharing your information and knowledge of all things foodie and Italian."


"LOVED the food and the company. A wonderful informatuve evening. Looking forward to trying the Tuscan sausages at home."


"Second time around, better than the first, perfect company, exceptional food and the joy of an experience had."


"Gorgeous food, lovely company. Thank you for having us "


"Wonderful variety of tastes, ingredients and interesting flavours. Thank you."


"A most interesting evening - A most unusual and different evening - really enjoyable and particularly nice to share it with others. Thank you."


"Thank you for a wonderful evening. If only every weekend could be such a culinary and social adventure! The food, the setting, the cats, and the company were all very special. Thanks again"


"Many thanks for a great evening! Such a different experience - really impeccable food and a novel social atmosphere. Many thanks! P.S. I will get into Inspector Montalbano(!)"


"I have enjoyed this evening thoroughly - very nice that you have asked me to write my commendation at the end as you can clearly ???? of both wine and food - especially wine! This will be mostly illegible but I HAVE ENJOYED MYSELF IMMENSLEY! Thank you. x"


"Very enjoyable and varied menu. Beautifully served. Conversation also wonderful."


"Second time around, better than the first, perfect company, exceptional food, the joy of a true experience had. Thanks Sara(h) & Alex"


September Reviews


"I wanted to thank you and Sara for an absolutely top evening of fun conversation, amazing food and ribald humour (my favourite).


My abiding memories are the perfection of the pasta and the incredible rare beef - I can never understand why people want it cooked any further! And the sweet taste of the fat... I think all my friends have now had a chew-by-chew breakdown of the evening, my other friends who came had a great time too and have been similarly rhapsodising about the pasta and sorbet." Richard


"Thanks for the big friendly supper experience and so much imaginative food" George


"Wonderful, wonderful food. Thank you very much for cooking for us" Tim & Kate


"Fantastic food and company to match. Conversation and wine as well. What more is there to life?" James, Harriet & Clive

Born out of out of village 'socials' of the past, the 'paladares' of

Cuba and New York Supper Clubs, my Secret Squisito supper clubs provide an antidote to lacklustre restaurant food. 


You won't find Secret Squisito in any restaurant guide since it is my contribution to the 'underground' or 'guerilla' food movement. Secret Squisito is an anti-restaurant you can hold in your own home or venue of your choice!


Secret Squisito is not just about food, it is about 'good' food and

'conviviality' - meeting new people and sharing our experiences

at the table - something you can only get at home. Unlike just-for-profit restaurants my diners sit down together with other 'foodies' to experience my 'home cooking' with local ingredients prepared by me fresh on the day.


At Secret Squisito there is no  'sous vide', 'no food service' suppliers, no supermarket food dressed up as the real thing, no artificial additives or preservatives (because I am a bona fide farmers market producer who produces her own) since my ingredients are grown by me or bartered at Farmers Market that morning. In short, I make 'real' food with a modern Italian twist for you to enjoy at home.


Like any Italian dinner party my food is all homemade but unlike a restaurant you dine in your own home with like minded people. You won't need a taxi or Come Dine With Me food preparation so you can spend your time with your guests or sell tickets to meet new people with an interest in seeking out good food.


There is a 'wine list' - my husband Alex reviews Italian supermarket or independent wines every month and gives his wine pairings - so you and your guests bring their own wine so there is no disappointment from not-even-good £3.99 wine marked up to £29.99! To read this month's Italian wine recommendations click on Alex's Italian Wine Blog.


Like any memorable experience, Secret Squisito is about the

occasion and the ingredients - you are the host and your guests bring their contribution to the table. In other words, Secret Squisito is an 'anti-restaurant' without the hype, poor ingredients or overblown prices.


'Thanks for a brilliant meal at your Supper Club", Ms Marmite. Read Miss Marmite's Review of Secret Squisito!


As a guide I normally charge just £32.50 per guest 'excluding service' which goes towards travel expenses, laundry and washing up! The only thing I insist on is that if you mark-up my tickets to sell yourself or sell for charity that the 'face value' of my food appears prominently on the ticket or clearly indicated at the point-of-sale.


To see seasonal menus I have cooked before click on the links in the header bar above.



Squisito Deli are

Northamptonshire Local Food Hero of the Year 2014 Runner-Up

Butcher's Shop of The Year Awards 2013 'New Butchery Business of

the Year' nominated

2013 Observer Food Monthly Awards Best Food 'Best Producer' &

'Best cheap eats (under £15 per head)' nominated. Vote here!

BBC Food and Farming Awards 2013 'Best Street Food' Award Winner

BBC Food and Farming Awards 2012 Shortlisted 'Best Food Producer'

Slow Food UK 'Good, Clean & Fair Producer' Bursary Award Winners

2008 & 2010