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Squisito are practising members of Slow Food so we support biodiversity, locality and artisan skills. We aim to produce food that is good, clean  and fair in the wider sense of the words.


Consequently, Squisito food aims to be eco-positive and local. Whilst we prefer

 to use and grow organic food we are not organic certified since Squisito is too

small and would not want to ship less than fresh organic certified ingredients

around the world for the sake of a certificate when there is good ethically

produced fresh food on our doorstep with lower environmental cost.


Through our food and our work Squisito seek to educate how our food choices

affect our environment and community by selecting whom our food is

produced by, how it is produced and how much the producer is paid.

We like to know our suppliers and customers or ‘co-producers’ on first name

terms since that is the best kind provenance there is. For more information read Slow Food Nation: Why Our Food Should Be Good, Clean, and Fair by the Slow Food movement’s founder, Carlo Petrini.


Squisito support biodiversity and sustainability by buying locally, using local breeds and varieties and commission the rearing of rare breeds whereby customers can choose and order rare breed lamb, pork or beef grown by our ‘panel’ of rare breed producers. Squisito Grow Your Own meat guarantees the producer a fairer price than any supermarket, encourages less intensive agriculture and lower fossil fuel use, removes the pressure of dates on farmers, improves farm income and improves quality because the customer receives the meat when it is ‘ready’ - all at a fraction or less than supermarket prices.


                                                                               Squisito can teach you and your family how to butcher and make

                                                                               sausages, cure and smoke meats, bake bread and make wine and                                                                                                                                                                

                                                                               preserve your produce as our forefathers. We believe passing on artisan

                                                                               skills encourages sustainability and that passing our skills to our children

                                                                               is the best defence of ours and other species.



                                                                               Squisito do not generally pre-pack food other than ice cream, flour,

                                                                               yeast or dried herbs and spices. We will happily sell just one sausage or

                                                                               a slice of bread if that is what you need so you get good food without

                                                                               waste. Squisito use biodegradable packaging wherever possible and, in

                                                                               the case of bottles and jars, use those which encourage re-use and offer

                                                                               a deposit equal to the cost of packaging.


At home we recycle 100% of our food waste. Squisito’s business and family waste is so low that we do not fill our non-recyclable domestic rubbish bin once a fortnight despite catering for several hundred customers at Farmers Market on a Saturday in addition to our monthly dinner parties and pizza nights. Any unsold food that our friends and family cannot consume is distributed around our village. We believe that good food is a right and those in need should not be deprived in the name of profit.


Our food is low food miles and what Squisito take from the environment we

aim to put back by changing food attitudes and encouraging our customers to

cook for themselves to become part of the solution rather than part of the

problem caused by agro-industrial food production and the exploitation of

natural and human resources.


We therefore encourage you to join the Slow Food movement and consider the

fact that every time you enter the doors of a big supermarket, burger chain

or clothing store you are effectively voting for who produces your food,

where it is produced, what breeds and varieties are produced and what the

human and environmental cost is to those countries and ours.


All you have to do is think and practice what you aspire to to make change happen.


For more information call Sara Chambers on 01788 833 477 or email Sara by clicking here


Squisito are a BBC Radio 4 'Food & Farming Awards' shortlisted Food Producer 2012, Midlands Best Street Food 2013 Award Winner and Slow Food BBC Good Food Show Bursary Awards Winner 2008 and 2010.