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The 5th Day of Christmas

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Pumpkin Fondue


                                                                                                One of the most popular primi at our Secret

                                                                                                Squisito supper club last Winter was pumpkin

                                                                                                fondue. It will make a an attractive and easy

                                                                                                primi for your Christmas dinner which can be

                                                                                                prepared in advance.


                                                                                                It's a real crowd pleaser!


                                                                                                You will need







1 large pumpkin

150g Squisito Fontina cheese

150g Squisito Gorgonzola Dolce

150g Squisito Taleggio

sea salt and ground black pepper

1 tablespoon Squisito white truffle oil

a loaf of country bread like our sourdough or pane Toscano


Remove top of pumpkin by cutting a circle (3 inches in diameter) around stem with small sharp knife. Scrape out seeds and any loose fibres from inside the pumpkin with a spoon (including top of pumpkin, reserve seeds for another use if desired.) Season inside of pumpkin with 1/2 tsp. salt. Wrap pumpkin in foil and roast a medium oven for about 40 minutes or until slightly soft to the touch remove from the foil.


Mix together cheese in another bowl. About an hour before you are ready to serve add cheese to cooked pumpkin and cover pumpkin with top and put in an oiled small roasting pan. Brush outside of pumpkin all over with olive oil. Bake until pumpkin is tender and filling has melted about 30 minutes. Enjoy drizzled with Squisito white truffle oil on top.


Buon appetito!




If you would like to place orders for Christmas please call Sara now on 07824 314 235


Available for collection at  

Kings Norton Christmas Market 5-9pm Thursday 20th, Moseley Farmers Market 9-2pm on Saturday 22nd December or Mac Arts Centre Food Market 10-4pm on Sunday 23rd December or home delivery anytime.

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