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Gelato & Sorbeto

Squisito ice cream and sorbets are pretty much unique in the UK since we use fresh cream, fresh fruit and eggs and NOT powders, fresh air or artificial bases (the definition of gelato in Italy).


Consequently, many of our ice creams are relatively low or no added sugar since they contain natural fruit sugars (fructose). Some Squisito recipes are therefore naturally suitable for diabetics or people with other dietary requirements like lactose intolerance since ours by this definition is 'real ice cream' or sorbets which are lactose free.












Squisito do not make soft scoop or whippy ice cream since we do not add air (overrun) or lots of sugar to our ice cream (that means a 100ml pot of Squisito ice cream is often equivalent to 500ml from a supermarket). Most of our ice creams contain organic content but we cannot call them 'Organic' since Squisito do not set out to be organic certfied. Our attitude is 'Why produce organic certified ice creams from powders and processed ingredients  when you can make an unlimited and changing variety from local fresh fruit, cream or yoghurt?'


My range is outstanding for quality, flavour and creativity with everything from Fresh Strawberry to Christmas Pudding and Gin & Tonic Sorbeto to Quince & Calvados.  Just remember, we make flavours that are in season so do not expect Real Strawberry in December or Christmas Pudding in July! Click on the images above to see some of our flavours.







Go to our Artisan Cookery Cookery School if you would like to learn how to make real ice cream with Sara.


Click on the image above to see a selection of what we make in season.


To place orders or have Squisito create a seasonal flavour for you just call Sara on 07824 314 235 or click here to email.




"Have just picked up the ice cream - as you say - DELICIOUS! I had to have one of the small tubs as soon as I arrived home. I had no idea that you and Alex provided such a variety of goodies. I think you'll be seeing a lot more of me in the future! " Mick August 2012)

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