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Herbs & Spices

Squisito produce a unique range of herbs and spices for the creative cook from Air Dried Oregano to Oak Smoked Trapani Sea Salt which we air dry and smoke in Monks Kirby. None of our herbs and spices are denatured or irradiated. The only 'processing' you will find at Squisito HQ is an AGA Rayburn cooker or a wood smoker so you won't beat Squisito for flavour, freshness or medicinal qualities.


Our herb and spice mixes are generally quite coarse to maintain the flavour so you might find the odd stalk in pot of thyme whilst our dried bags of herbs like rosemary are on the branch. If you want a finer product get your hand blender and a sieve out!


                                                                             Most of our rubs are made with the creative chef in mind as much as the                                                                                                                                                          

                                                                            midweek after work cook or the student room gourmet with limited

                                                                            space. Fiorentina Rub makes a great marinade with Chianti whilst

                                                                            others like Alex's Hot Rub can be used to flavour meats to give a

                                                                            barbecue flavour without the barbecue or make yoghurt or créme fraîche

                                                                            dip to go with homemade crackers or even a coating for crisps.


                                                                            Herbs and spices are available in biogradable 100ml pots, resealable

                                                                             brown paper window bags or we can refill your own pots at market

                                                                             without waste or environmental cost.


                                                                             Regular customers and chefs can have ingredients smoked, ground or

                                                                             processed to order so if you want something heavily smoked or on the

                                                                             stalk in bunches then we are happy to oblige.


                                                                             Click on the images above to see a selection of what we make in season.


To place an order call Sara on 07824 314 235 or click here to email.

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