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Squisito make a wide range of Italian favourites which you can order for collection at market or for home delivery. Since our food is seasonal and made from fresh ingredients everything is suitable to freeze at home.


Family favourites from our own recipe book include Tuscan Meatballs, Ragu Bolognaise, Beef Cacciatore, Chicken with Lemon & Olives but to name a few. Just add these to your basket with the complimentary products like pasta, pesto or cheese and you are ready to invite your friends around.


                                                                                  Our fresh ingredients are 100% natural and local grown or

                                                                                  reared and slaughtered within a 15-30 mile radius! All of our secondi

                                                                                  contain no additives, no artificial preservatives and no gluten unless

                                                                                  specifically stated in the ingredients list – "No Hooves & Eyelashes" as

                                                                                  we say!


                                                                                  We are happy to teach you to make your own Italian dishes and menus

                                                                                  here at Squisito HQ, in your own home or at your local Village Hall! Go

                                                                                  to our Artisan Cookery Cookery School if you would like to learn to

                                                                                  make your own.


Click on the images above to see a selection of what we make in season.


To place an order call Sara on 07824 314 235 or click here to email.

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