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6 seasonal courses homemade with artisan Italian and Northamptonshire ingredients. Bring your own wine to compliment this special event.



Pane e Olive - homemade bread and Puglian olives

Charge your glasses, cleanse your palate, meet your fellow guests and set yourself up for the culinary experience to follow!



Prosciutto & salumi.

A selection of homemade ham and Italian salami


Alex's Wine recommendation; Sparkling takes the fur off your tongue and, so long a you dot have a very dry or acid sparkling, it cuts the fat and sweetness of good salami like Felino. We like Prosecco Martini Brut ASDA £6.00 on offer down from £10.75; Aldi Prosecco Valdobbiadene £6.99 quite dry and single grape judging by our last one; Tesco Finest Bisol Prosecco di Valdobbiadene NV £9.99 nice and could possbly be said to be finest under £15.00 in a supermarket. If you are not a big drinker a light red like syrah or Valpolicella (see below) would be an option.



Calabrian prawn and asparagus taglierini with sourdough breadcrumbs and Grana Padano DOP cheese.

Sara's homemde thin ribbon pasta with spiced prawns and local seasonal asparagus topped with sourdough breadcrumbs. Somewhat of a cross-between cucina povera and modern Italian cooking.


Alex's Wine recommendation; Conventional wine pairings for a single wine to match primi and secondi would probably split the difference and come out with rose which I think would be too sweet and not complement the sweet-savoury-umami of the chicken with olives an lemon ( a bit like pairing for sweet & sour pork). Italy has so many varieties of grape (usually IGT - Indicazione Geographic Tipica - which means less well known and thus better value here) that it easy to find something that will stand alone but complement. We tried a Pecorino Unico Tenuta Ulisse 2012 from Amps Wine Merchants in Oundle the other week which fits the bill perfectly - robust and fruity enough to stand up to spiced prawns and sweet enough to balance lemon, olives and savoury chicken. Pecorino has been 'discovered' by supermarket so there's a more generally available Terre di Chieti Pecorino 2012 at M&S for £9.99 whilst Majestic have a Tenuta Ulisse Terre di Chieti Falabella Bianco 2012 for £7.99 each for two. In the bargain basement is the excellent The Exquisite Collection Gavi 2013  from Mr Aldi at £5.29 as an alternative.


A light gulpable gamay, Vapolicella or Bardolino would work with the chicken. Both Tesco and Sainsbury's have reliable and good value valpolicella which is chracterised by sweet and sour cherry flavours of molinara and corvina grapes. Usually £5.99 but often on offer. Less likely to be on offer is 2011 Allegrini's Bardolino ‘Naiano’ from Majestic at £8.49 which is my benchmark. For slightly sweeter and more heavier you could go for a ripasso which mixes partially dried grapes to balance out less ripe grapes. The M&S Valpolicella Ripasso 2009 at £8.99 is a good example.


I see Waitrose have their Recchia Valpolicella Classico Superiore Ripasso DOC on offer at £8.99. Although I have not tried it Recchia have a good name and this Valpolicella is made from grapes on the "grand cru" hillside of Jago above the village Negrar.  



Chard crespelle with ricotta




Chicken with Nocellara olives, lemon & parsley in white wine


Sara's savoury pancakes filled with homemade ricotta and Tina's chard the Italian way. Sara makes the ricotta the night before using whole milk then makes and fills the 'pancakes' with fresh free range eggs from the next village and rolls it with chard from Alex's mum's garden across the road. No food miles - just food yards!


We get all our chicken from Nick and Jacob at Fosse Meadows Farm up the road in Frolesworth. Billed by The Daily Telegraph as 'gourmet chicken' Fosse Meadows' birds taste like chicken used to taste since they are running and flapping about in the fields around Fosse Meadows - a local nature park. The meat has a rich and succulent flavour which comtrasts well with the mild and sweet Nocellara olives - known as the 'beautiful nut' for their roundness and Kermit-the-Frog green colour.


Alex's Wine recommendation; tbc


Formaggi mista

mixed Italian cheese selection including Pecorino Perlanera from Sardinia, Casafeico Busti Pecorino al Tartufo from Tuscany, Gorgonzola dolci, Taleggio DOP from the Brenner Pass, Grana Padano DOP from Latteria Mantova with local honey & red peppercorns plus any surprises from Nico Pivard of Curds & Whey at farmers market. An eclectic tour of Italy in cheese.


Alex's Wine recommendations; sweet is the order of the day with cheese so Cantine de Vita Marsala Dolce with a nice orangey hit will go with chocolate and cheese £9.99 Waitrose, Martinez Marsala Riserva 2006 Marks and Spencer £6.49 - good at any time and leftovers make a nice tiramisu; Pellegrino Marsala Superiore Garibaldi Dolce, Sicily £6.99; Autentico Lambrusco Reggiano 2007 Marks and Spencer £7.49



Panna cotta semi freddo with caramelised rhubarb and orange. Sara 'Queen of the Dessert' shows up celebrity chefs.


Alex's Wine recommendations;  as for Formaggi



Alex's 100% Columbian Arabica from our 1952 design Elektra espresso machine. The Ferrari GTO of coffee machines runs on Alex's coffee.


Say no to substandard restaurant food at sky high prices and say hello to homemade local food!


Call Sara to discuss your dietary requirements on 07824 314235.


Sara xx


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