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Squisito produce a unique range of  Italian cured and cooked meats from Pancetta and Guanciale (that's cheek bacon) and Prosciutto Cotto al Rosmarino to Sara's New York Salt Beef. All of our cured meats are butchered by us using Italian cuts and methods so they contain no additives, no artificial preservatives and no gluten –

"No Hooves & Eyelashes" as we say!


                                                                                  What you will find in Squisito cured meats is Warwickshire and

                                                                                  Leicestershire pork, ham, beef and game. See our online recipe book

                                                                                  for just some of the things you can do with our pancetta, guanciale and



                                                                                  Our ingredients are 100% natural and local which means grown, reared

                                                                                  and slaughtered within a 15-30 mile radius!


                                                                                  We are happy to teach you to cure and smoke your own meat here at

                                                                                  Squsito HQ, in your own home or on your farm or in Tuscany! Go to our Artisan Cookery Cookery School if you would like to learn to make your own.


Click on the images above to see a selection of what we make in season and look at our recipes to see what we do with our pancetta and prosciutto.


To place an order call Sara on 07824 314 235 or click here to email.




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Pancetta, PROSCIUTTO & SalumE

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