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In all regions of Italy the year is measured by sagra and festa patronale which are food festivals and religious festivals respectively. Almost all sagra are dedicated to a particular food from Cinghiale (wild boar), Foccacia (olive oil flat bread) to Strozzapreti (thick bucatini like pasta so thick that peasants used to feed the priest so that they could not speak when they came to collect their tithes) and Salsiccia (sausages).

















Gubbio, high in the hills of Umbria, is known as the City of Festivals for

it's prolific number of events within it's medieval walls. In the spirit of

gastronomy and research Squisito have visited many sagra over the years!


The common feature of any festival is food and conviviality and sharing

the tapestry of local dishes and family history since, invariably, every

generation participates in the preparation and celebration of local dishes

and re-telling of local stories. Everywhere whole towns turn out to make

pasta and sausages, build ovens for pizza, barbecues for meats and dance

floors for communal dancing. Food is woven into daily life.



In England, Squisito like to recreate the sagra experience at community events and festivals in fields, factories, pubs and village halls. Sometimes venues can be rough-and-ready like the Supersonic heavy rock festival in Birmingham's Custard Factory whilst others can be Capability Brown landscaped gardens like Croome Court. But, true to our principles, Squisito choose to serve real Italian food at a democratic price without the artificiality and expense of fancy restaurants. We think a memorable occasion is about good ingredients and experience not expense and exclusivity!                                                                                              


Outdoor cooking offers more possibilities for creative cooking since our

ingredients are often picked on the way to the venue and then prepared and

cooked 'live and unplugged'.


In England there is a disconnect between field and plate so festivals are a great

way to re- establish the link between industrialised lives and the skills of the

artisan food producer.


In a restaurant diners rarely see sausages being made right in front of their eyes

then popped on the grill or bread being shaped then fired in a wood burning oven.

At the international BE Arts Festival in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter one

waiting theatre watching pizza being made and topped goer was heard to remark 

"Ooh, the performance has already started!"


To arrange a meeting with Sara to discuss your sagra or festival plans call Sara

on 07824 314 235 or click here to email.




Squisito were nominated Butcher's Shop of The Year Awards 2013 'New Butchery Business of the Year', nominated 'Best Producer' & 'Best cheap eats (under £15 per head)' in the Observer Food Monthly Awards 2013, BBC Food and Farming Awards 2013 'Best Street Food' Award Winner, shortlisted 'Best Food Producer' in BBC Food and Farming Awards 2012 and Slow Food UK 'Good, Clean & Fair Producer' Bursary Award Winners 2008 & 2010
















David crowd surfs at Birmingham University 'Vale Fest' for WaterAid

Click on the image to see the Sagra della Capra Santa Maria Navarrese

AE Harris Arts Festival
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BE Festival
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Sagra del Maiale
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