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Yes, in just about the furthest place from the sea in Britain, Squisito are bring you 'Fish on Fridays' direct from Port Isaac and Newlyn in Cornwall to the High Street in Yelvertoft.


Squisito fish is fresh not frozen and fished sustainably in Cornish and Devon waters by UK registered boats so it's a bit different to supermarket fish and 'Doc Martin'.


















What's a Best Buy this month?


Learn what's in season so you can buy fish that is at it's best prior to spawning - since weight and flavour is not so good afterwards - and when it is plentiful since the price you pay is governed by demand because fresh fish prices vary from week to week according to what the boats catch e.g. it's fresh not frozen and it's not T&%co!


Squisito will be introducing you to our less known native species and sharing some of our family recipes since Sara grew up by the seaside (and where her Mum lives today - hence the Cornwall connection!) So, if you fancy a bit of skate you'll  find it's either high priced elsewhere and not available from Cornwall now skate are protected in Cornish waters. So what we'll do is tell you about other great flat fish like Megrim Sole and Plaice which are plentiful and cheap this time of year.


This week Squisito will have one large mixed box of fresh fish so when it's gone, it's gone.


But Squisito can take orders for next Friday subject to availability since none of our fish is previously frozen at sea or otherwise so you can stock your freezer when prices are low and the fish are in best condition.


In season June & July are;


Brill 1-2kg £17.50/kg

Turbot £20.50/kg

Gilt Head Bream £16.50/kg

Gurnard £13.99/kg

Hake (posh cod!) £15.00/kg or £3.75/250g portion, tail fillets £12.00/kg

Smoked Hake - available to order

John Dory (large) 1kg+ £21.25/g or £17.95 small 500-750g

Line Caught Mackerel - £7.65/kg or £2.29 ea. (300g

Smoked mackerel £

Ling £11.50/kg

Monkfish Tails (medium) 1-2kg whole £21.75 per kg or £5.45 per 250g portion average

Grey Mullet £8.50/kg

Red Mullet 200-300g  £16.50/kg or £4.00-5.00 each average

Plaice whole 450-500g  each £11.50kg or £5.75 each average size

Pollack fillet £11.95/kg

Salmon fillet - £19.55kg

Sardines £

Wild Sea Bass  500-1kg whole £27.50/kg

Smoked Whiting £25.00/kg  highly recommended available to order

Smoked Kippers £10.20/kg  or £2.55 ea. (250g approx


Shellfish available to order


Falmouth Mussels (to order) - £5.44/kg or £2.99 (500g portion approx)

St Austell Mussels (to order) - £13.50 for 2.5kg net

Palourdes Clams (to order) £15.75/kg

Oysters (to order) £1.30ea.

Half Shell Scallops (to order)  79p each


Out of season or low stocks but available to order are


Cod fillet £25.25/kg

Haddock 200-250g ea £11.99/kg or £2.50 to £3.00 each

Lemon Sole approx 500g - £16.50/kg or £8.25 ea. approx (larger fillets serve 2 people)

Smoked Haddock 200g -250g £19.99/kg or £4.00 to £5.00 per whole fillet

Dover Sole 600g whole £16.15 per kilo or £9.75 each average size


Note that skate is now prohibited in Cornish waters to presertve stocks


Click on the hyperlinks to read some recipes.


















Unlike supermarket fish, fresh fish prices vary from week to week because of sea conditions so the list above is just a guide. Whole fish are cheaper by the kilo just as a ribeye steak is the same price as the T-Bone from which it comes. We are happy to gut and fillet as you ask.


Tell you friends about Squisito 'Fish on Friday' - it's fresh fish - so you can eat it now or freeze it yourself!


To read the Daily Mail article "How your supermarket 'fresh' fish can be THREE weeks old" click here.













Squisito open at 10am on Friday and our number is 01788 824 123





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